Enhancement Request: view and edit attached files directly in Asana

Viewing and editing files in a PM software is fundamental to project management efficiency. I’m used to this in Zoho Project.

Asana’s file workflow is inefficient: it forces downloading an attached file (except images) to even view it. This promotes having multiple versions of a document.


  1. Ability to view the following without leaving Asana: .doc, .xlsx, .pptx, .pdf, jpeg/png etc, MP4.
  2. Ability to do basic editing of the following without leaving Asana: .doc, .xlsx
  3. Ability to do basic commenting of the following without leaving Asana: .pdf
  4. File permissions:
    a. Owner (full permissions)
    b. Can Edit
    c. Can Comment
    d. View Only
    e. Only Owner and Task Assignee can View
    f. Can/Cannot download

I believe the current Asana position is that files should be stored in a file storage service, like Drive, Sharepoint etc and that’s where modification should happen. Your product feedback is still valid though!

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