List of all previewable attachment types?

Hi Asana team,

Some attachments are previewable in the same tab (e.g. image files and PDF). We can also add feedback to images and PDF files.
Some attachments are previewable in a new tab (e.g. sound and video files, and files from external storage such as Google Drive).
Some attachments cannot be previewed and need to be downloaded (e.g. Word/Excel docs, emails, etc.).

Is there a full list of categories of the previewable file types and extensions (in the same/different tab)?


If you are able to preview a PDF or Image or an Audio file, then that is due to the ability of the browser to open those files in preview mode. Asana doesn’t control that.

In Chrome I have added an extension:

This extension allows me to preview even Docs and Excel files in Chrome.
You need to download them, in order to Save them after editing, however you can easily preview them within the browser.

Try it out. :wink:


Thank you very much @anon41024217 for the insight!

that is due to the ability of the browser to open those files in preview mode

I see. That clearly answered my question!
So, I think the attachments fall under one of the two categories:

  • Images and PDF: Asana implements preview + feedback
  • Other file types: It depends on the browser’s behavior

I added that extension to Chrome and it’s very useful to save one step of “work about work” :slight_smile:
I especilaly like that it doesn’t add the Word/Excel files to Google Drive when we just only want to preview them. I was worried that it might save the files to Google Drive so I would need to delete them after opening for preview.

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