Attachment File Types

Is it possible to attach or link .doc files in a way that will allow users to open the file directly for editing?
Our team primarily uses Google Workspace with Drive File Stream to be able to collaboratively work on Word docs. We are hoping there’s a way to maintain this functionality vs. the file opening in google drive or downloading the file.

Hi @Claire_Crum, thanks for reaching out!

You can certainly attach .doc files from Google Drive directly into Asana tasks:

  1. Click the paperclip icon
  2. Select Google Drive and a new window will popup allowing you to log into that respective account. Login and choose the file you wish to attach.

Please note Google Docs have its own set of permissions associated to their files. Our integration does not change your files’ permissions whatsoever, so you may also need to share the file with your colleagues after attaching it to a task.

I hope this helps!

Hi @Claire_Crum,
Even though it’s easier to use Google Doc files in Asana rather than uploading .doc/.docx files, there’s a way to preview and edit the Word files without downloading them. This Chrome extension by Google suggested in this thread can preview and edit the Word files directly in Google Docs. However, please note that any changes will be saved to your local file or as a new Google Docs file, not to the Word files attached in Asana.

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