Google Drive Attachments vs. Sharing in Google

Hi, hopefully this is the correct category. I’ve shared google drive files in specific tasks for one of my projects. I’ve invited people and assigned those tasks, and they are telling me they cannot access the file via Asana, and I’ll need to share the documents on drive so they can access.

Is that correct? If not, how do they access? If so, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being able to link via Asana?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Cowtown_Boxer_Rescue and welcome to the Asana Forum :wave:t3:

Yes, it is correct; the attachment itself doesn’t live in Asana but in Google Drive; Asana only store a link to the document in Google Drive, so in order to make sure your colleagues can access you must grant them access to the doc via Google Drive.

While you can’t open and edit a Google Doc within Asana itself, you can still open it from Asana, which allows you to centralise your tasks with content you need to action.

Hope this helps! Pease let me know if you have any follow-up question! :slight_smile:

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Can we grant automatic access to any google drive file shared in Asana?