Getting Google Docs to show up under files

I love that Asana integrates with my Google Drive, but I hate that the docs I’ve linked to tasks don’t show up in my Files view. Is there a setting I’m missing, or is that just not part of the platform yet?

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I love using the Google Drive integration too :smile: The attached docs from Google Drive will show in the Files view if you include them as an attachment (screenshot below) rather than as a linked URL in the task description.

The below shows an example of the Files view where both of those attachments are Google Drive files:

Hope that helps!

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I am including them as attachments, but they aren’t showing up in my files still! Not sure what’s going on…

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Hmm, are you looking at the Files tab of the project or the Files tab in your My Tasks?


Any chance we will eventually be able to link folders & files directly to Projects rather than just Task?

Also, it would be nice to have better more representative file icons like you get with Dropbox.

Also, I know this is Google API dependant but would be cool when linking an actual folder if it could somehow show the contents of the folder within the Asana Files area rather than a link that opens up Google Drive in another Tab/Window