Why does Asana need full access to Google Drive (delete files, add, etc) when linking the two?

I would like to link Google Workspace with Asana - but it is prompting me to give full access of Google drive to Asana (permissions requested below). Why does it need all of this? Especially if there is sensitive information in the drives? How can this information be protected?

  • See your files
  • Upload and download your files
  • Delete your files
  • See the names and emails of people you share files with
  • Share and stop sharing your files with others
  • Remove people from your files
  • Organize your Drive

Thank you!

It’s a standard auth for connecting Drive to services.
You have to let asana do what it needs to interact with Drive.

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So you are staying this ‘sharing/access of information’ is standard across all or most integrations when you link platforms?

It’s how Googles API works to let others access it’s platforms.

Just gotta let the systems do their thing.

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