OneDrive Integration Permissions -- why does Asana need access to *all* my files?

Why does Asana need access to all the files I have access to? I just want to share a few files not my whole library?

Permissions requested
Attach OneDrive files to Asana
This application is not published by Microsoft or your organization.

This app would like to:

Sign you in and read your profile

Have full access to all files you have access to

Maintain access to data you have given it access to

Consent on behalf of your organization

Accepting these permissions means that you allow this app to use your data as specified in their [terms of service]

I might add, I saw another post that discussed that users of Asana will only have access to files they have access to in OneDrive; in other words I would need to manually give access to folks on the project access to my OneDrive which I was hoping to avoid.

Is there a better way to have versioning and sharing without all of this craziness? I would like to give Asana permission to read/write to a folder in OneDrive, and that folder only, and then give implicit permissions to anyone I add to the Asana project to get the latest file from the link. Also give editors of the Asana project the permission to update the file? Some people on the project are from 3 different organizations and giving permissions like that is a nightmare.

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