OneDrive Integration

The default settings say that “Attach OneDrive Files to Asana to have temporary access to read the files you select.” I there any way to fully integrate so that they can access the document? I had the link break within 2 days.

Hi Katrina, I’ve followed up with a few of my colleagues to find you an answer on this. We’ll get back to you shortly :slight_smile:

Hi @Katrina_Tutty - I spoke with my team and we need a bit more context in order to advise you. Could you please share screenshots of what you’re seeing? The more images the better. From there we’ll be better informed to point you in the right direction. Thanks!

Hi again @Katrina_Tutty - Checking in about my last comment. Thanks!

Hi @Alexis I see your not getting a response from Katrina, but I think I have had a similar problem.
When I attach a file through the Onedrive integration, the file/link doesn’t become public and my colleagues need to request permission each time.
Is this expected behaviour? Or are our admin settings in O365 causing this.
Thanks in advance


Hello, I have this same issue, has there been any progress? A further explanation. I have two Office accounts, one personal, one business. Both use the same email address however. When using my company portal to log on to Onedrive, Asana can access and attach files from there no problem. But when switching to my personal onedrive accountt, Asana can only SEE the files, but can not attach them.

Any one that might be able to help with why this is? Thanks!!

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We solved the same problem via third-party ETL tool Skyvia.
It’s Asana’s partner, we found it on Asana marketplace. Check it here:

P.S. I’m a member of the Skyvia development team, so if you have any questions about the product feel free to ask me.