One Drive/Sharerpoint Integration (Paper clip)

I would like to know what needs to be granted within Microsoft 365 to allow the One Drive integration with Asana to work?

We have granted global admin privileges but when trying to access sharepoint/onedrive it is still telling users to contact an Microsoft 365 admin when attempting to attach something to a task. So we are wondering if the permissions granted aren’t quite granted correctly in Microsoft 365 for this integration.

Has anyone had experience with this that you could share? I realize that is the Microsoft side of this integration but I would image the Asana folks know what needs to be granted on Microsoft’s side for this integration to function as expected.

I asked Asana support this question and their responses lead me to believe they just didn’t have the knowledge or didn’t really understand my question. So I am hoping for better results here.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Arland_Jensen

I don’t have any suggestions, but am curious if you found a resolution to this, and if so, would you mind sharing?

@Christine_Bolton I have not unfortunately, but I would happily share if/when I ever do.

I was finally able to get this resolved but it took a person with universal admin right in our organization to help me. So I gave them a license to log in and perform attaching a document from sharepoint/onedrive in a task and they had the ability to grant the the Asana functions permissions to allow the connection functions to one drive for the whole organization. It took vastly longer to find the right person than to grant the permissions. Good luck!


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