Asana / OneDrive - Sharepoint integration (Syncing problems)

Hi everyone, I need some advice on the OneDrive - Asana integration.
I’ve read the OneDrive + Asana • Asana page so I know how to link it.

I’m working with an active content team of writers and editors. We’re currently using Sharepoint to manage all the content and we are also using Asana to delegate and update the Word files.

In the past we tried to make use of OneDrive file uploads on Asana. The thing with this is that it uploads one version of the file from OneDrive into Asana. But if someone updates the file on OneDrive, then the file in Asana doesn’t get synchronized with the changes.

Here are my questions:

  • Does anyone have advice for managing/ updating content with the OneDrive - Asana integration?
  • Is there a difference between how Sharepoint and OneDrive integrates? Or is it the same thing?
  • Has there already been a solution found for this that could help with synching the Word docs?

We’ve recently installed Asana’s Business version, so we’ve been looking for an easy solution for quite some time now.

Kind regards,
Content Manager