Allow user to attach google doc to a Form via the attachments field

Right now, people can attach documents/files via upload to a form, and I can have a field where people can copy & paste the URL to a Google doc, but asking some of my audience to copy & paste the URL is going to cause confusion. Is there a way for people to attach a google doc via the attachment field in a form?

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So you think some people won‘t know how to share google sheets? Personally I think this should not be a problem. I mean the other option I can think of is downloading the sheet and uploading it to the form which obviously is not ideal at all

I know for sure some of them won’t know how to do it. It definitely shouldn’t be a problem, but there is a wonderful diversity of comfort levels when it comes to using technology in my organization. Basically, I just want it to be a one-stop shop for attaching files to a form. Click one button and attach a file from your computer or Google Drive or wherever.

Hm yeah I get your point.
Maybe adding a short tutorial on how to share the link as a description in the field would work for now?

You can use to easily create a step by step tutorial :slight_smile:

This is an issue for my team. It took a bit to troubleshoot why people were receiving errors when they submitted forms - turns out they were attaching from drive, rather than including a link to drive.

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