How to work on a same file?


I have attached a word file and me and my team are working on it. I want that any change we make on the file remains on it. I mean, a member downloads the file and makes some changes and when uploads it, it is attached as another file. How can we have one single file and any change that any member makes on it is visible to team members?


Using a Word document won’t do the trick, you should consider using collaborative documents like Google Drive and attache it to the task.


Thanks for the reply. How can I do it?


Or Dropbox, I like file loading of Office documents and versioning


Create a file in Google Drive, click the share button, choose option to allow everyone to edit, copy-paste link in task notes.


In addition to @Bastien_Siebman 's answer, if your file is on Google Drive you can attach the file to the task directly from Asana and then any modifications made on the document will be automatically synchronized for all users.


unless they’re in a team drive. But then you can still just paste the link…