Customising when notifications get sent for upcoming tasks

Is it possible to change when email notifications are sent for upcoming tasks? Starting to get email notifications for tasks 5 days before they are due and then every day until the due date is a lot of “noise” for tasks that only need to be done on a particular day. On the other hand, 5 days is decent for some types of task. Others may only need a day or two notice.

And yes, I know that the beauty of Asana is moving away from email :slight_smile: But I prefer to still get email notifications as I work across multiple Asana organisational workspaces, and thus far there isn’t a central space to see all tasks/notifications at a glance. This way I don’t need to pay attention to certain workspaces unless a notification comes in for it.

Hey @Sarah_L

there are several threads open regarding more options for email notifications in the product feedback section.

You might wanna have a look at this product feedback thread: More options for Email Notifications - #100

And Due Date Notifications for task that are overdue

And Advanced Email Notification Settings (per project, urgency level etc)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sarah_L! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to customize or change when email notifications are sent. I recommend you voting for one of the threads shared by Andrea. Thanks for your feedback!

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@Sarah_L would your issue be solved by better visibility across workspaces? I noticed this:

You might want to consider upvoting this product feedback task: Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

@Andrea_Mayer Thank you for the links, however none of those seem to be the request I was originally asking about (specifically not receiving daily reminder emails for the 5 days before every task due date). I had done a cursory search of the forum before creating the topic.

@TrevorWiser Definitely that is something I have been wanting for years, and have added my vote to that thread. Doesn’t mean I would necessarily want to turn off email notifications even if I had it, so the original issue still stands :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sarah_L, I shared some information on a different thread few weeks ago, see below:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Emily_Roman, however I am not finding that post particularly relevant. (NB: your second link in that post goes to the Hacks section of the guide; I am not sure if that is what you intended).

Specifically, this feature request is about customising how many email notifications are sent for upcoming tasks when “Daily summaries: New tasks assigned to you and upcoming due dates” is checked.

This is not about desktop notifications, but email notifications. This is also not about tasks which are past the due date, but for upcoming tasks. As it is, tasks that are past the due date do trigger daily email reminders for about 2 weeks, and I think that’s fine as you either need to get them done, or change the due date.

I work in some organisational workspaces where my main responsibility is to do a certain task per month/period, so the only content of these daily email summaries is these upcoming tasks. Some tasks are only completed on the due date. Receiving “tasks due soon” emails on days T-5, T-4, T-3, T-2, and T-1 is noise that results in me devaluing all emails from Asana. Even if there are other updates in the daily summary, I still don’t need these tasks due soon to be brought to my awareness so early and so repeatedly. I would rather focus on what needs to be done today. (And this is amplified because I receive separate emails per workspace).

So to re-summarise, I would like to stop receiving “tasks due soon” email notifications every day, starting five days before a due date.

Ideally, this could be set task-by-task (or project-by-project, or workspace-by-workspace), but at the very minimum, globally. For me, one “task due soon” email per task would be fine, whether that is five days before, or one day before the due date - just like the Asana Inbox has the behaviour of generating just one reminder per upcoming task.

For people who want or need more constant reminders, a nice implementation may be to be able to specify default settings such as, “send me an email 5 days before, and 1 day before, and on the day,” and then be able to override these per task/project - which is how Google Calendar has implemented their reminder emails/notifications.

Thanks for clarifying and sharing your use case with us, @Sarah_L! This is currently not possible so I’ve gone ahead and moved the thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other customers to upvote as well. I’ll keep you posted if we have any news about this feature in the future!

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