Custom Fields in My Tasks

I VOTED! I find myself jumping through all kinds of hoops to try to organize my seemingly hundreds of tasks. The Today, Upcoming, Later feature is great…just needs more flexibility. I added a ‘This Week’ Section under today but I’d like to be able to group my weekly tasks into broader categories for prioritization. Because I want this to be for my view only, I don’t want to use tags since those are project wide and task specific. If I forget to remove those temporary grouping tags it clutters up ASANA and reports for everyone else.

I love Asana but not having this feature cripples the entire product! If there’s ONE thing that a project management tool should be able to answer it is: “what should I be working on now”.


We would like to add the ability to add a ‘Priority’ field to display on the My Tasks home page, extending on Products, Due Date and Likes.


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Amy_Bozier !

This is a popular request in the Forum so I’m merging your post within the main thread to avoid duplications. I hope it’ OK :slight_smile:

As soon as we have un update, we’ll make sure to post it here. Have a great day!

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Please add this feature!

Sorting by Custom Fields would be amazing too.


As a new customer, I am very surprised and disappointed to see that this is not a feature; and now having read through the timeline of the requests on this post, I am skeptical that it will be delivered any time soon.

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Could you ask your dev. managers what is the % of chance to see this basic feature implemented within the next… 10 years?

I just wanted to alert this thread to this new feature of Asana2Go which lets you see custom fields for your multiple My Tasks rows at once:


Yes, this would save so much time. Be amazing if it could be done, seems kinda fundamental.


@Will_Nolan is right, this is fundamental. My Tasks is where a person is supposed to organize their work and get it done. Without seeing priority and workload easily in this view I’m not sure how someone is supposed to prioritize their tasks?!?


Be great to get some info from the Asana team on this, it would make my workflow soooo much better :smiley:

I voted on this one and I must say that I am baffled that there is no clear response that I could find from Asana! Surely Asana must aspire to broadly satisfy the needs of its users and not just design it to work in the very specific way that the designers intended, surely. Please give us this feature and those who don’t want it just won’t add any fields to My Tasks! Much appreciated, Alan

I created a project just for “My Tasks” and linked all my tasks to it. It goes pretty fast since you can select all of your tasks in a project to link to My Tasks at one time, but do be careful. There seems to be a BUG in Asana where the custom field from the first task in the group is copied to all the other tasks that are linked at one time. So I had to go through and reset the status on a dozen or so tasks. Not too big of a deal, I suppose. I do really like having all my tasks with their status field showing in one place!

My bet is Asana’s actually been working on a huge total overhaul of the “My Tasks” section… That’s the clearest rubber meets the road section for all end users and it’s clearly the weakest point that hasn’t received any updates in years. When it comes, I’m betting it’ll better than most of us expect.


The devs and product managers do really seem to be on fire in a good way with respect to new features and architecture fixes. I feel hopeful, like you do, @Tanner_Wilson

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Adding my vote here and also echoing what everyone is saying.

I am sharing similar sentiment to that of @Tanner_Wilson & @Stephanie_Oberg

Given that Asana just totally overhauled sections/columns to allow for list/board swapping, in addition to the redesigned listview section. Ontop of all of that, the new automation functionality, it does feel like “My Tasks” are incredibly outdated at this point. And yet, strangely, it’s the section that most of us use most often.

I’m sure Asana is aware of this and has been in the works on it. Was shocked to not see it also get the “listview overhaul” update that the rest of the software got.

I for one would love to be able to view My Tasks in board view and to leverage automations in there as well. Super excited for what’s to come, but would love to hear from Asana a simple “we are working on My Tasks” just to help hold us all off a bit.



Just adding my comment in addition to my vote. Adding custom fields to the My Tasks would be revolutionary! We use the fields to note statuses (risk, waiting, approved).

I envision it working as a toggle for fields shared to the library. Anything shared to the library would be accessible, and toggled visible or not (per user), in list view. That way we don’t get cluttered with lengthy free-form fields, but the ones we need are visible right when we open the My Tasks page.

Thank you, and fingers crossed we get it soon!

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Hi Alexis, this is one of the most important features we need for self organization.
Pls. consider soon.

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Just wanted to chime in here. I hope this update will also include reviewing a users list when just clicking on their name. It currently displays the same as My Tasks,

100% agree with needing to see status for My Tasks, but also when as a project manager I’m reviewing many employees, each with dozens of tasks, I need to see status.


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Totally agree with [A_Bachhofer] - Ressources and their My Task view are used not only by the ressource them self, but by collegues and most important a feature for the ressource planner.