Custom Fields in My Tasks

Because every view of our data and every field is treated as a special case, and basic capabilities (sort, filter, search, save and share multiple views) are doled out with great parsimony on a field-by-field and view-by-view basis. I do see some evidence that the data architects at Asana have gotten the message that their data models and constructs need to be modernized and made generalizable, but they are finding it to be a daunting task.

BTW, data that you store in custom fields is not searchable within Asana at the moment. You would have to go to a view of a single project that uses the custom field of interest (though custom fields are global to a workspace) and use your browser search tool to find data within a custom field. If you’re not sure which project that data resides in, you’d have to open likely candidates one by one.

Can you build this already? This is something sooooo basic and you’re worried about a cluttered UX? This can be avoided. It’s up to the user to choose which columns should show up and if a task doesn’t use that column, just put a “-” or “N/A” there. It’s not rocket science. It’s been 2 years that this has been requested, and probably actually longer than that.


How is this not a feature yet? Can an admin please give us an update — will this be happening, and if so, when?


Bridge24 for Asana has a grid view that allows you to display any custom field you want, sort on it, and group on it. Simply click My Tasks on the left panel in Bridge24, then use the grid header to add the custom fields you want to display.