Custom Fields in My Tasks


Upvote on this for sure, would love to see this feature!


I support this idea for sure, it will be super helpful for our team also…


Custom fields are great and essential, but I also have to write reports in excel about how much time I spent on each week on my tasks.
So at the moment every time I need to do that, I export a CSV, and then I work in excel.
I would like to skip the CSV part, and just select and copy my task list, that would be way easier.
But without the custom fields it’s useless :frowning:


Hi @Reinis_Tihovs,

There’s already a request for this here; best to add your vote to the existing request:

@Marie, can you merge this post in?

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+1. Please add this feature!

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Seems like people have been begging for this for more than a year and a half. I’d adding my voice. There is no point to having Custom Fields, especially to use for priority tagging, if we cannot see them in My Tasks. That’s the only way anyone at my office looks at what we have to do. Please please fix this!


I’d like to add my +1 to this thread. In addition to priority and status field that many have mentioned, I would LOVE to be able to add a GO-LIVE custom field to my tasks. The ability to set a due date for the task itself but then keep context or filter of when that task should be executed would be extremely helpful.

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I’d like to add a request for this functionality. A view of the custom fields within my tasks will really help me prioritise my workload.

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I’d like to add a request for this functionality as well. Be nice to see things like “task progress” and “priority” as I’m looking through all my tasks

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I need this feature too! Any idea if this has or will be incorporated?

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I think I am on my 3rd trial of Asana Premium (we’ve been using free for several years). Every time I upgrade because I would like to use a premium feature, I immediately within 5 minutes I notice I cant use it. So I think I’ll be downgrading again, and try again next year.

What I want to achieve, which I just cannot believe there is no way to do it, is just order My Tasks for priority. I just cannot believe it cannot be done. I have set a lot of tasks to do today and I would like to order them in the order I want to work through them. Quite simple. But there is no manual ordering. I thought I would upgrade to use custom fields, I would be happy to upgrade just to get custom fields that I can then order by, but I cant do it. Cant even order by title if I add 1,2,3 before each task. Edit: I should be more specific in that I have a search results for My Tasks Today, not the normal My Tasks. My Tasks I can add Sections to prioritise but My Tasks Today search is the only thing I want to see not to get distracted by anything else, and you cant add sections in there, not even if you assign a section to yourself with a due date, it doesn’t show.

Everytime I want to use something that just should be a no brainer its missing in Asana, its getting really frustrating.

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Agree strongly that sorting by Priority is a fundamental feature which is not currently present in My Tasks or most views in Asana.

Depending on how deep you want to dive into klugey workarounds, you can select all your assigned tasks, “multi-home” them to a personal project called “Myname’s Tasks”, add a custom field called Priority, and sort away. If you do this, you may also want to add a daily recurring task to add new tasks to “Myname’s Tasks”. As burdensome as this is, I still believe it will be faster than waiting for Asana to provide sorting and filtering as a standard feature of most or all views.


This feature would be really helpful guys, hopefully our feedback is making it up the totem pole as this thread has been open since 2017.


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We really need this feature. Otherwise project management is difficult with Asana


Just putting our voice in the mix. We need this functionality in our team here.

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