Custom Fields in My Tasks



Yes @Bastien_Siebman, that is correct. I think we’d all love see at-a-glance the various custom field tags for each task in the the My Tasks view.

Thanks for your work!


We are new to asana. Maybe we are missing something, but this is such a bid deal we may be leaving to try another project management system. In my opinion the My Tasks needs a lot of work before it can be functional. You can only see the task name and date it needs to be finished, and only the first couple characters of the project. We need to see the project, when to start w/ due date, and the priority for this to be helpful.


@Marie - Do you have any feedback on this request?


Hi, I created a custom field for task priority, but when priority is added to a task it’s not showing in my task list - I would like to see priority’s at a glance. Thanks.


Hi Vicki,

Unfortunately custom fields don’t display in My Tasks. You can find a discussion about that topic here and you can vote for this capability:


Really need these feature!


Hello, I would also really love this feature! Without being able to see custom fields in My Tasks, I don’t know if Custom Fields is all that useful. It would be helpful to be able to sort my tasks using Custom Fields too.
@Alexis - Any update on whether this is coming soon?