Custom Fields in My Tasks



Yes @Bastien_Siebman, that is correct. I think we’d all love see at-a-glance the various custom field tags for each task in the the My Tasks view.

Thanks for your work!


We are new to asana. Maybe we are missing something, but this is such a bid deal we may be leaving to try another project management system. In my opinion the My Tasks needs a lot of work before it can be functional. You can only see the task name and date it needs to be finished, and only the first couple characters of the project. We need to see the project, when to start w/ due date, and the priority for this to be helpful.


@Marie - Do you have any feedback on this request?


Hi, I created a custom field for task priority, but when priority is added to a task it’s not showing in my task list - I would like to see priority’s at a glance. Thanks.


Hi Vicki,

Unfortunately custom fields don’t display in My Tasks. You can find a discussion about that topic here and you can vote for this capability:


Really need these feature!


Hello, I would also really love this feature! Without being able to see custom fields in My Tasks, I don’t know if Custom Fields is all that useful. It would be helpful to be able to sort my tasks using Custom Fields too.
@Alexis - Any update on whether this is coming soon?


I would love an option where the priority fields for tasks show up in my tasks. My team is always wondering which one is more important than the other in the my tasks list.


See custom fields in my tasks is a very demanded feature. Did you try with sections or tags?


Hi folks, just merging this thread with Custom Fields in My Tasks to avoid having some duplicates in the Forum! @Jake_Rutherford, feel free to scroll at the top of this thread and hit “Vote” to officially register your vote!

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!


Another vote for this feature. Having Custom Fields in My Tasks would make this a little bit better. Thank you!


Our team would love this feature!

We struggle with visibility into priorities of assigned tasks across multiple projects.


Every task at our company gets two fields: Priority and Status
We’d like to be able to sort by these fields and see them in the ‘my tasks’ pane at all times

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Worrying about whether My Tasks gets cluttered seems really shortsighted. Let us manage that, please just give us the functionality so that those of us who only use 1 or 2 custom fields (like Priority and Status as many above have noted as extremely common in most PM tools) can use in My Tasks.



We want this too. We upgraded to specifically add priorities to our tasks for our team members. Now they have to click on every project to see which task is marked high priority and we have lots of projects running simultaneously. If it appears in the overall Task view, then they’d get a snapshot of all their priorities in one view. I VOTE THIS UP!


After upgrading we really wanted to add priorities to our tasks for our team members. Everyone is really hoping this feature will come after the software update. With big projects and multiple projects, we feel it will be easier to have Custom Fields in My Tasks, so we aren’t jumping into every project to look at every task. We Vote for this feature!!


This would be a very useful feature. I do not think it would create a cluttered user experience at all. The workaround, creating sections in My Tasks and then dragging tasks to them in order to help keep track of task statuses, is a cluttered experience. In my opinion, having the option to show the custom fields would help simply the user’s experience and increase overall efficiency. Afterall, in reading the comments, it sounds as though having the custom fields is the main reason that user’s upgraded in the first place. It would make sense to allow all company users to benefit from those upgrades from the convenience of their My Tasks page instead of having to run reports. Thank you for your consideration to add this feature.


yes, yes, please make it happen!


Any update on this?
Really need this feature in order to be able to gain an overview of my workload and where I am at across a number of projects.


Voted! This is a huge issue for me and my team. We manage multiple projects with concurrent deadlines and everyone works from their My Tasks list. It would be so helpful to at a glance see which task is prioritized over another with the same due date, without having to click into the project. Really hope this feature will be implemented soon!