Custom Fields in My Tasks

please, please, please. Add the feature.

I still do not see why that is an issue, in my tasks you cannot add even the custom fields they already have attributed from other projects, for my team that would be HUGE since custom fields help us use lists as mini dashboards.

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@Skyler I am sure Asana will come up with a clever solution. They are probably through a lot of brain power at the problem :slight_smile:

Maybe @Bastien_Siebman. I’m still waiting for that brainpower to get thrown at allowing subtasks on the timeline though…

It may not be an issue. I would love it if they could implement the feature and it not result in the custom field being added to every other task.

However, the behavior you described is consistent with how things currently are regarding custom fields I believe. currently if you have a task that’s multihomed and one project (Project A) has a custom field that the other project (Project B) does not, you’re unable to add the custom field that exists in Project A for the task to another task in Project B from the task pane. You could add it to the project as a whole—which would then add it to every other task.

I think this is because there’s a fundamental difference for how custom field inheritance works at the project level. When it’s in the table view, the whole project inherits it whereas when it’s only within the task, it does not.

This is why I think they’re unable to do it currently in the My Tasks view—because it’s being treated more like a project now and adding a custom field to it in the table view, could inadvertently add it to several other tasks that you may not have intended to add it to.

Again, I do hope they are able to come up with a solution here. I would love to have some custom fields in the My Tasks pane as well. I’ve resorted to using Saved Reports to accomplish for me for the time being.

Are there any updates on this? My team and I could definitely use custom fields in My Tasks to manage our work - all of the workarounds are clunky and time consuming. Thank you!

I would also like to add a custom field so I can import my teams prioritization custom field. Looks like this has been an ask since 2017 with no progress which isn’t promising.

@Alexis, @Bastien_Siebman,
After 3 years and hundreds customers expressing their need for copying this already existing feature - I am really in the dark here and looking for a clear motivation why such an easy to establish chunk of customer-satisfaction is being ignored for so long? I honestly don’t understand!?

@Martijn_Philips I don’t work for Asana, I can only reply with my usual answer: nothing is as easy as it seems in product dev and Asana prioritizes features based on several things, including the community feedback but also their Voice of Customers, their vision etc.

They do add a lot of features, especially this year, and some longtime issues are being fixed (or will be soon but I can’t talk about it).


Like Bastien, I also don’t work for Asana. But in answer to your question, please also keep in mind that Asana is just finishing a large migration from the original My Tasks to a new version that brings it more in line technologically with regular projects; one of the main reasons they did that is so My Tasks would then be able to support more regular-project features. So it wasn’t really technologically possible for them add things like custom fields to My Tasks before, whereas it is now.

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Hi. Our team is new to Asana and we definitely want this feature. The My Tasks view is very convenient and being able to choose from a set within a custom field would save from having to click through to a project and then choose.

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I’m here to echo once again the desire to allow the existing Priority field to appear in My Tasks.