Create a different structure for board view and list view

I would like to be able to set up my board view with columns that represent the status of the task, ie in progress, complete, etc.

Then, on the the list view and the timeline view, I would like to be able to organize the tasks by work stream, ie content writing, visual design, front-end development.

Currently you can only organize one way or another for all views. Being able to switch between organizational views would be spectacular.

Welcome to the Forum @Roy_Brubaker and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I don’t believe this is in our near term plans, but hopefully this is something we can evaluate for future improvements!

In the meantime, If you are in a Premium account, I recommend you to create Custom Fields to organize your tasks. You can learn more about it in our handy guide article:

I hope this helps @Roy! :slight_smile:

This honestly should not be monumental.

A project should have a separate sets of sections (for list view) and columns (for board view).

A task in a project should be able to appear in both a section and a column.

Sections only show up in list view, columns only show up in board view.


Smart sheets and a few others work this way. Each “view” should serve as a different means for organizing data, not just a way to display the same data different visually

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A “way to display the same date different visually” is exactly what a view is.

Splitting hairs a little here with terminology. Do you agree with my original request? It’s not clear.

Right now, the List View and Board View are treated as different ways to visualize the same set of tasks. List is a vertical organization grouped by sections, and Board is a horizontal organization grouped by sections.

This is not right!

Board view should NOT be grouped by sections. Board view should have a completely independent view from List View.

The point of the Kanban is to track tasks across a workflow suck as todo, doing, done.
The point of the List view is to organize tasks by topic.

It is very frustrating that these are not treated as distinct views. Look, for example, at how Airtable or Monday handle this. That is the proper way to handle these different views.

Please reconsider the implementation of these different views, and allow users to group tasks in board view off different sections than in list view.

In short: list view and board view should not share the same categories as groupings. They should be distinct.


This is a fundamental requirement. In my opinion Asana should never have implemented switching where section names (in list view) mirror board columns names. It basically removed functionality.
I now often run 2 projects for the same project. One so I can set up the required board view I like and a second that allows me to list the tasks how I need them. The current setup is fundamentally flawed. In my opinion both section names and column names should simply be linked to a field or custom field (independently) Tie custom field to board columns

Come on Asana sort this out! Linking sections to Board columns has been a totally redundant disaster.

I love Asana but this has to be the most annoying ‘feature’ implemented.


This is just implemented plain stupid in Asana.

To think that a Kanban column header would function the same as a section in the list view. Where in Kanban primary target is to hold on to the progress ('to do / in progress / done), the list view is just what it is: a list of different categories where each section is a category, and not a kanban column header. Now you can’t use a list-view and kanban view at the same time. Kanban is useless if you also want the use the list view.

I totally agree.

We often create a custom field for the status of a task. To-do, doing, done, etc.
It would be great if you could create columns based on any custom field, or at least drop-down fields.

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