Custom Fields in My Tasks

+1 for this! It would seriously enhance my team’s workflow.

I was really hoping this would be part of the new and improved ‘my tasks’ screen. This would make such a huge difference for so many people!


It would be very helpful to sort My Tasks by Priority - please add my support to this request!


I join.
Right now the only way to show the priority of a task is (low, medium, high). Use tags. But this is a bad way that doesn’t even have a sort.
The user should be able to include the task priority column.

Second post and vote here in two days. I upgraded my Asana yesterday (after using free version for many years) specifically because of the new list screen and thinking that Custom Fields would work in My Tasks view. Upgraded, found not only can dates not be used with Custom Fields - but now see that would be irrelevant anyway because custom fields don’t display in the My Tasks view.

As you have stated, hearing use cases helps shape development, so here’s mine. I have a “project” for every one of my clients (30+) and I get dozens of change requests per day from clients. Request comes in, forward via email to client’s project - makes for a beautiful to-do list sorted by client using the My Tasks view. Problem has always been that the VOLUME of requests I get can make it super difficult across projects in Asana to easily figure out what I should be working on next.

Saw the announcement of the new list view and thought now finally maybe it would be worth upgrading. Thought I could add columns of custom fields that would be used for every client (project) such as Date Assigned, Priority, and Scope. I need to not only see when something is due but when it was assigned (thus the need for date field), and I need two additional status fields (two separate - not tags!) for priority (low, med, high, urgent) and scope (how long it should take - minimal, moderate, extensive, etc.)

In addition to needing custom fields on the My Tasks view, and needing dates as custom fields, I need these custom field columns to be sortable on the fly. If I want to search my 160 active tasks by which are “extensive” in scope, or which are “urgent” priority, I want to click the headers to see. For the date custom field, I need to be able to sort by due date OR the custom “date assigned” field.

I hope this helps. Without this flow, there’s no need for me to bother to upgrade, which I don’t say as a “threat” that I won’t pay, but I suspect this is the case for a LOT of people who may be in the same boat as me – using free Asana for years and would LOVE to pay for these features that seem like they should be no-brainers.


I know you have your use cases in mind, when thinking about the architecture of Asana. But I wonder if you truly use it for everyday work.

Because if so, you would make this feature a priority. It makes zero sense you have all these fancy custom fields and colors in order to mark e.g. the priority of a task and the not being able to see that WITHOUT looking for it specifically.

I mean, you either want people to go through each and every project one by one in order to check for their tasks or you want them to see all of theim nicely lined up in under “My Tasks” (which is way more efficient and less prone to overlooking things).

Right now, it seems like you can throw the My Task tab out of the window, because there is simply NO use for it if…

a) … collaborate with more than two team members (would that even be a team?)
b) … you prioritize your tasks.

Since you advertise it as team collaboration tool, it should be possible to prioritize tasks in a way, that they are immediately visible to everybody involved.

Serious bummer to not have this feature / a smart workaround after 4 years of your customers asking for it.


I echo everyone’s comments here.

MyTasks, for it to be useful, needs to have a way to visually determine priority – and any other relevant custom fields – at the card level (without clicking into it). I would imagine those fields would be limited in the same way as projects; in that you can only see so many at once which I think is fine. It’s like 6–8 I think that can be seen which is more than enough for me.

I was new to Asana 2 months ago and have discovered it does have some great features but they don’t always carry through to areas where it logically makes sense; and this is one. I fully expected to see custom fields on cards in MyTasks like I can at project level. I had even scoped out workflow for this before I discovered it wasn’t available :joy: :sob:

From a workflow perspective, I would like to manage the entire team from MyTasks and until we have custom fields visible it’s not really all that effective. Not even from a self-management perspective either.

Use-case: I would like to assign tasks with custom fields of priority, status, skill, time (estimate), and time (actual). These would hit the MyTasks of their respective assignees. They can see immediately what the task is; size, skillset required, how urgent etc. And they can quickly visually assess and flag if something has been incorrectly assigned to them.

In an ideal world, I would also like for there to be automation triggers in MyTasks that takes any incoming task with a date of Today and allocate it to a predefined and agreed section with the assignee (as their ‘active task list’). This way my team know what I expect from them for Today and, with fields visible, can see lots of useful information about the tasks as already mentioned.

Then, for viewing other team member’s MyTasks, a Board view would be amazing to get the full picture of what has been assigned with custom field visibility (without having to scroll horizontally in List view). Would also be good to see their section organisation too at this level.

I’m trying to avoid anyone needing to be responsible for handing out priority lists, or for having additional conversations about priority, on top of the card priority being set too. The card priority field should be the bare minimum to convey priority. If we want to have additional conversations about “what is worked on first” then it should be a choice to do so whereas currently it’s not.

I use management tools like Asana to save time… not take up more of it.

Thank you for your consideration.

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I’m still not sure why you can’t simply show the priority of tasks in the “My Tasks” section?

Very needed feature. If Asana does not shape up on this they might lose us all to Clickup

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