Custom Fields in My Tasks

  • 1 to this, for now I can use the tag feature, but that adds the field so that everyone can see it. I would prefer to have my own custom field where I can make my own priority system.
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I’m trying to set up Asana to use GTD. Not being able to sort “My Tasks” by custom fields (and ability to sort by one criteria and then another, like you can in Excel) is making Asana almost unusable. I’ve had to create work arounds that are very clunky. There is dead screen real estate on the right side of the screen that could be used with the option to display custom fields.

I want to be able to use the My Tasks page to quickly slice and dice my tasks across projects. I don’t want to have to click inside each of the myriad of projects I have open to sort by custom fields. It’s not a realistic way to work.

I don’t understand why I can add custom field columns to the project section of the website (within specific teams) but I can’t do the same in the My Tasks section. One would think that this should be a relatively straightforward change.

I am trying the paid version of Asana, but even that doesn’t have this basic functionality. I have spent a lot of time setting up this system and would hate to have to look into Basecamp, FacileTool, Omnifocus and competitors who have this feature, but Asana isn’t acting on this much-needed feature, even though it has nearly 800 votes and has been open since 2017. Please add this feature asap.


My Tasks was revamped only recently and we can only hope to have a custom field there is the next step :slight_smile:


I’d like to add my support for Custom Fields visibility for My Tasks with toggle on/off settings such as we can manage in Projects. However, I would like to ADD the request that Custom Fields also be included as an option in the My Tasks > Customization > Rules.

For example, we use a Custom Field for our task “Status,” and I would love to be able to view, sort, and create rules in My Tasks to allow me to automatically move tasks that are marked with the “Needs Review” Status to a specific section of My Tasks. This would ensure that I can more easily identify and attack these tasks in one sitting, whereas I’m currently hunting and pecking right now to identify which tasks are my own verses which tasks are my team’s tasks. (NOTE: We’ve previously attempted to use the “Approval” options in Asana and have determined that it is not sufficient for our use)

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I think w/ Asana, you cannot apply 100% GTD. I am also trying to practice GTD but I think it will work best using 2 or more other apps.

I am also puzzled about such a useful feature ie to have priority show in “My tasks” is still NOT there when it was requested by so many people i think since 2017. I like asana a lot; but problems like this (and my pet peeve that asana does NOT utilize the full screen so that long “server log” lines that I add in for troubleshooting, do not wrap ) makes me really unhappy.

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Adding my voice to the chorus of voices asking for custom fields to be available in My Tasks! I use them to track how long something is going to take me and am being forced to go into each project individually to see the custom fields that are useful to me personally :frowning:

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Need this.

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This is the worst non-answer in the history of non-answers.


Yes. I don’t understand it. I’m going to post it on my linkedin.

WHAT? almost 1000 people have requested this and this is the answer? Let us worry about how our PERSONAL task list looks. It’s ours after all.

Please show priority in My Tasks. This is an incredibly basic need of project managment


I really wish being able to add custom fields like we can in projects was available!! We should be able to customize our “my tasks” section in all the ways we can a project. it’s been 5 years and this still hasn’t been implemented. are there any updates when we can see this change?

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This would be a killer feature. Need it!

I got a reply from Asana about this - “our product team is aware this is a very popular request and we hope to have news about this feature in the near future!” and I replied to that email saying "Is there a roadmap and eta for this feature as it has been a request for 4.5 years which to be honest is not good enough for a request with 827 votes and 333 comments. " however I got an auto reply saying the topic is closed so my email did not get through.

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My organization would definitively respond to such requests from multiple customers (we’d actually respond even if it were 1 customer) and provide a specific date that members could reasonable expect it to be addressed, even if that was a ways off. In other words we would be clear and transparent and not simply periodically restate “Our product team is aware this a is a popular request and we hope to update this soon” and let it drag on for 5 years. I’m beginning to suspect that the “product team” is a 12-year old (maybe 17 now) who does this periodically after school.

Asana does not publish a public roadmap or comment on specific timelines for unreleased features - that’s just their policy - so I’m afraid the answer is “no”.

Thanks Phil. Sorry for my somewhat sarcastic humor. It is frustrating. We’ve been paying for Asana for years. I was originally motivated by the enticement of “Custom Fields”. Although they are now available with a project that is only marginally useful for how we use Asana. It would be really helpful if it at least the “priority field” was available there. We have done an interim workaround using tags, which is helpful.

No worries, @Steve18 - I get the frustration, speaking personally!