Can one person archive projects for whole organization?

Our Operations Team wants to clean up our organization’s Asana account with as little time and effort from other staff and teams as possible. Is there any way for one person (maybe admin or super admin) to archive projects they aren’t members of or aren’t project admins for? Any ideas from the simple, to complex and time-consuming welcome.

Hello @anon16282103,
it depends on the projects permissions.
If the projects are public within a public team then you can join it and make further changes if needed.
Now keep in mind there are different project permission settings so you might not be able to perform every action

For more info see:

For private projects it would require somebody from this project to add you in order for you to make changes.

Here is a tool provided by iDO that might help you a bit to get an overview on most projects: iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations

And here is how you can get the list by using advanced search:

And here is a relevant feedback request that might be of interest:


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