Making all team members Project Admin

We have added new staff to existing teams that have multiple (50-100) projects within them. They can view the projects and complete tasks, but not edit the projects. We specifically need them to be able to edit project details and archive the project.

Is there a way to have all team members be project admin for all the projects within a team without going through and manually adding them within each project?

Welcome, @Cailin_Farley,


Click Share (top right of the project) and make sure the project is public to (shared with) the team (not private to members); in the screenshot below “Shared with LB” means public to the team named “LB.”

Also make sure the first line under “Members” (“<team name> and task collaborators” is set to “Project admin.”

See also the following, which I just learned today (9/5/23):



Hi Larry,

Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to do this in bulk? I have at least 200 projects these new staff members will need admin access to and that will take a lot of time to do individually.

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Are you sure every project needs updating? None are already shared with the team and with that default?

If not, there’s a way to do this with the Asana API but you’d have to code it.

Otherwise, it’s manual. But if you work efficiently (two windows/browser tabs/shortcuts), I think a person could do 200 in 30-40 minutes.


I am sorry you got such a horrid reply with someone questioning your decisions and needs, and how most people do not have an hour to do this activity. I hear you. Supposedly, you can contact asana support and they will globally fix if you are a super admin (I am, I cant get through to support, and I have more than 180 projects that need help, and no one has time to stop and fix something like this). And how this was marked as a solution – LOL

I’ve updated the post with the information I just learned today: