How to archive projects if you're not the Admin?

Our business owner has a portfolio with a huge number of projects in it. He needs to be able to archive them, but many of them he’s not even a member of, much less the Admin.

I know he can just email the Admin and ask them to archive it but we really need him to be able to do this on-the-spot.

Is there not a way that the business owner and the owner of the whole Asana account can’t have full privileges here?

Hi @Matt5

There are many ways you can do that:

  1. You can ensure the project members archives the projects - not only project owners can do this, project members can as well as long as they are not comment only members
  2. You can ask the business owner to join these projects and then they can archive the projects if they want to
  3. You can ask the business owner to create a new portfolio with the projects he needs.
  4. You can also work with implementing a company wide policy on how projects are set up and admins i.e. never a single admin / owner if it is a company wide project etc…

It is worth noting that if a project is archived, it will still appear in the list within the portfolio, but will show as archived. So my suggestion would be for you to consider starting a new portfolio.

Here is a link with more info on super admin and admin abilities in asana

Sorry this is a not a straight forward solution but hopefully it gives you few ideas to navigate current situation.


I appreciate the workaround suggestions. Both the business owner and myself are Super-Admins. I’m really surprised at a Super Admin cannot archive anything that he’s not a member of. Every company needs at least one person who has total access to absolutely everything in that company.

We intentionally don’t put the business owner as a member of these projects in an effort to avoid his inbox being constantly showered with trivial notifications, however I AM a member of all of those projects and have the settings for notifications all turned off, and I don’t get unwanted notifications, so maybe we need to move this way.

Thankfully, nearly all of these projects are created from a Project Template, so we can add him as a member as part of the template. Hopefully this will allow him to archive.


Yes, good tactic.

I am not sure if Enterprise band allows you to do more as a super admin.

@Marie do you know if such feature exists?

I just ran a test. I had a coworker create a project. I joined it, but I am only able to join as an “editor”, and I do not have the ability to archive the project and I do not have the ability to set my own status as owner/co-owner or whatever.

This really sounds like a bug to me. It might not be, but it makes zero sense that a Super-Admin like myself and our business owner would have full access to these sorts of things.

So at this point I’m not even sure how we could gain access to a Project to archive it, in the event that the project owner departs the company.

I don’t believe so @Rashad_Issa!

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