Changing User Permissions for Project Archiving via API?

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I’m exploring the capabilities of the Asana API and was wondering if there’s a way to modify permissions for users or, ideally, entire teams within a project. Specifically, I’m interested in granting the ability to archive projects. Is this functionality available through the API, and if so, how can it be implemented? Any guidance or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @Konrad_Witczuk and welcome to the forum,

It’s not currently possible to set or modify project permissions for a user via the API. The API team is working on this capability and we’re expecting to see it probably sometime this year IIRC.

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Hi @Konrad_Witczuk ,

We actually just released the ability to create, update, and delete project memberships over the API for users. You can see the API reference here:

Sorry, I’m not 100% certain, but I’m guessing archiving a project would require an admin role. You should be able to create or update that role for a user with these endpoints. On create, it may only mention editor or commenter roles, but that is a documentation error.

Hope this helps!

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As for teams, permissions can’t be assigned to a team yet, but this is something we’re working on and plan to release later this year. In the meantime, you can get users than make up a team and set membership roles / access levels for them individually.

Note there is also a default_access_level, which will determine permissions for any user even when they are not an explicit member of a project.

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