No longer able to archive projects - project permissions

A recent update means that now only the project Owner can archive a project. We work as a team to create and archive projects it is simply not practical for us to ask the project creator to archive it every time. When I contacted Support they said if we emailed them they would update the permissions. We have created (and archived!) well over 700 projects in the last year, I am sure you do not want us to email Support with that volume of tickets!
This change was completely unnecessary and will create us a LOT of extra work!


Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply


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Also, in case it helps, I’ve tried to summarize the issues and offer suggestions until/if this is changed:



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Our project owner no longer works for us, wondering what the work-around is to change ownership of projects so we may archive them.


We’re facing the same problem. This is ridiculous

Same here.