Bulk adding subtasks to another project

Does anyone know how I can bulk edit a number of subtasks and add them all to a new project (as well as residing in the original parent task) rather than clicking into each one and having to individually add to a new project.


@Alexis how can I mark this post as a question?


Hi @paulminors

While we do have a “solution” option for each post, we don’t have a “question” option.

Regarding your subtask question, unfortunately we aren’t able to bulk add at this time. I’m with you on how helpful this would be, though!


Carlo waves his hand thinking that @paulminors has a really good point here :slight_smile:

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@Carlo you mean bulk editing subtask? Or the question thing? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@paulminors bulk editing :slight_smile:


Ditto for bulk editing subtasks. When I want to assign the same due date and team member to five tasks, it takes half a dozen mouse clicks per task. Actually, I think I can assign multiple subtasks to one team member by selecting the relevant subtasks, but so far I haven’t been able to assign the same due date all at once. Part of the needed functionality is there! The rest if just out of reach.


@Andy one workaround you could consider is to start by creating tasks. You could bulk assign and bulk edit as necessary in the task format. Then, when that’s all finished you could convert each task into a subtask. Hope this helps!

Another way to quickly take bulk action on subtasks is to run an Advanced Search view focused on those subtasks you want to edit (use ‘+ Add Filter’ > Subtask).

You can then visualize subtasks in a search view where they register like tasks for editing. :rofl:


@Shannon_McNeil that’s a great idea!

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@Alexis: that would work once but not repeated times because we save parent tasks and subtasks as templates for irregularly recurring items. If I copy a template, the substasks are already subtasks. But this is good to know for anything brand new.

@Shannon_McNeil: that workaround will come in handy, thanks.

@Andy @Shannon_McNeil If you happen to recently create those subtasks than the Tasks I’ve Created view provides convenient way to list and mass-edit them.

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Genius! Thanks @Myroslav_Opyr.

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You can also use advanced search with the filter In Projects = No Project. Then select the (sub)tasks and bulk assign. Not sure why, but I had to do the search several times to make sure I got all of them.


I would also like this functionality.

Here’s another workaround: create a user account, and assign the subtasks you want to batch edit to it (you can batch assign subtasks). Then look at the user’s My Tasks and make the edits.

I came here to ask if we could bulk add the same subtask to multiple tasks. It seems that we cannot, but maybe I can think of some workaround where I make a task, duplicate it a bunch, and drag each one manually into each original task.


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