Adding same subtasks to mutliple tasks


Hi. We have tasks that they include exactly same number of subtasks with same titles. Now we would like to add another subtask to each task. Of course we can do it one by one but I was looking for a quicker way since the number of tasks are a lot.


Hi @Mas-E! Rather than copying the subtasks individually, I’d recommend copying the parent task itself and marking that the subtasks be copied, as well. From there, you can simply update the parent task titles.

Take a look at the steps for doing this in these screenshots:


Thanks for the help. The problem is that all tasks are already created and each has different names, different descriptions. Besides, some of the subtasks are already marked as complete in a task while they are still incomplete in another one. So, copying is not an option.


Hi @Mas-E

I don’t know how confident you are with the Asana API, but that seems to offer a quick way to add tasks and subtasks:

I’m afraid I can’t think of another way to add subtasks simultaneously. If this is an issue that’s going to regularly come up, you might want to revisit your structures. Maybe you could work with sections and tasks, rather than tasks and subtasks. That’ll save you some extra clicks.

Alternatively, you could do as Alexis suggested and create a template task that everyone copies. Then you can keep that template task up to date, and ask individual team members to take responsibility for updating their own tasks as appropriate.


Thanks so much. I’m no expert in API but I can consult a programmer regarding it.


If your subtasks are just made of a title (no notes or anything else) you can copy-paste all their names at once in the subtask section and that will create them all.


@Mas-E - I have a project that is a template with all my tasks like this. I will go in and copy straight from the template so it is not an existing task with notes. This way I get all the information I need (can remove or add after copied) and it is one click versus having to type it all out each time. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help. Can you clarify it a bit more please? How should I do it? I’m a bit confused.


I have a separate project, private to myself but can easily be shared, that is called TEMPLATE Recurring Processes/Tasks. I add anything that has multiple sub tasks in here without dates or people assigned to them. Once I am ready to create that process or task, I will go into this project and copy that task (it will show up in this folder) and will then rename and add into the appropriate project. This then keeps all the sub tasks but does not have any comments, dates or marked for completion notes associated with it. Take a couple of steps, but makes sure I don’t miss anything later.

There may be other ways, but this works well for me!


@Maggie Thank you very much. It was totally helpful.