Bulk update sub-tasks to assign to project

Hi - since sub-tasks are not automatically assigned to the same project as their parents, I have a lot of unassigned sub-tasks. Is there a way to bulk update sub-tasks to assign them to a project?

(Hopefully, this bug will be fixed in the near future so that sub-tasks automatically inherit the same project as their parent)


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Hi @Michael_Barry - I definitely agree with you that this needs to be fixed. Asana knows it’s an issue and will be addressing it at some point, but they haven’t publicly shared an ETA.

As an alternative, if it’s helpful, my team built a free tool you can use to fix this: Supersana.io
The feature you are looking for is called “Super-Subtasks-Add-To-Project” (I know, ridiculous name, but for now, that’s what it’s called).

Our “Free Forever” license let’s you choose 3 Pro features to keep free forever.

  1. Just go to Supersana.io
  2. Choose the Free Forever version (setup takes approx. 30 seconds)
  3. Enjoy all Pro features free for 15 days, then once your trial ends, it will ask you which three features you want to keep. Choose that feature and you’re all set forever. :slight_smile:

As a quick summary, you can push that button and instantly force all subtasks to show up as part of the project, while staying neatly tucked away in a separate section at the end of the project. It’s a workaround, but it works :slight_smile:

Let me know of any questions or feature requests. We release new features every week!


Thanks @Bryan_TeamKickstart I’ll definitely check it out.

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