Mass uploading tasks to subtasks

I need to add multiple subtasks to a bunch of other parent tasks that are already existing and was wondering if there is a quick way of doing this? Similar to when you duplicate a task and the assignee? I attached a screenshot for reference. These tasks have already been completed but I need to add multiple additional tasks to all of these. Please help!

Hi @Gabby_Brea, welcome to Asana Community Forum!

You can currently create tasks in bulk including its subtasks in a project using the CSV importer. However, it’s not possible to import subtasks to existing tasks. What you can do is import the tasks, multi-select them and convert them as subtasks.

I recommend you adding your vote to support this feature here: Import subtasks via CSV without parent tasks :slight_smile:

Hi Gabby I use a third party program called text expander where I store a list of sub tasks. With a couple of key strokes I can add multiple sub tasks to a task at once. Very handy for repetitive tasks.