Board View for 'My Tasks'

Hi @renato3,

I have great news for you - this is coming in the next month or so! For details, see:


Hi, I have a feature request to include the board view in the “My Task” section.

At the moment, looking at my tasks as a list is stressing me out.

I’d love to have the board view also in my tasks. I think this would help out a lot in helping me manage priorities and utilize the my tasks section more instead of going to different places where the board feature is present.

I included some photos. Is this already a thing or some way I can achieve a similar thing with what’s currently functional in the software?

Hi @Deshe_Malik_Gully, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :wave:t2:

Great news! Board view for My Tasks is coming with our newest update :tada:

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post into an existing thread for this feature request to consolidate all feedback :slight_smile: I hope that’s ok!


Sweet! Thanks!

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@Rebecca_McGrath it turned on for one of my Organizations but not the other, which happens to be the more important one. How do I enable for the other org?


Hi @Rob_Calvert1, the new My Tasks update is still rolling out to users based on the info here - unfortunately, it is not possible to enable manually.

If you don’t have the new update in all your spaces, you will soon! :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca, Any update on when Task Board view will hit all orgs? In our company account it’s still not activated. Looking forward!!

Hi @Matthew7, you can keep an eye on the main announcement for updates on roll out :slight_smile:

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