Board View for 'My Tasks'

A board view that you could filter by date so you can filter your week like a planner :fire: two birds with one stone. :thinking:

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3 years later is this ever going to come to fruition? :thinking:

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I am a huge Trello user but my workplace uses Asana and though I am trying to adapt, I cannot understand why I cannot put my tasks into a board view without the cumbersome workaround of creating a project board for myself and duplicating tasks just so that I can see it in a board format. Please consider (after 3 years of user requests) adding this view. Thank you!!!

I think it is coming towards the end of the year as a new My Task was announced to developers. No details yet, but I think this will be available.


Still very interested in this!

Need this. @Marie is there any update on this? This would be a great feature to have.

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I continually get feedback from clients that My Tasks isn’t a great view.

List view that is more project styled so users can add their own fields and possibly rules.

Some want a board view with custom columns so they can see what is not started, in progress, waiting for approval.

Is there any consideration on updating My Tasks?

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Hi @Vaibhav_Khatri and @Getz_Pro,

We’re actively working on My Tasks updates. These updates should start rolling out within the next few weeks and will span over a couple of months. I’ll post an update here as soon as I can share more!


wonderful. Thanks Marie!!

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This is great news! Would love a board view in my tasks.

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Hi Marie,
Has there finally been any movement on this one? Fairly desperate to have a board view!

We working on it and hoping to launch it in the first half of this year. I’ll keep you posted here!


Wonderful! Also, is there any chance of being able to view across work spaces and organizations? VERY desperate for that one too! I’m shifting all of my work from Wrike Enterprise to ASANA due to the very good OKR approach, but not being able to have a proper overview for everything I work on is quite a challenge on productivity and response times …

Hi @Jacqueline_Bowman, this isn’t in our short-term plan at the moment, but this is hopefully something we will reconsider. If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend upvoting Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces and Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management!

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Yep! Voted :slight_smile:

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No news for over four months now - does it mean this feature is not really a priority in Asana??? Please post any updates.

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@Siegfried, This is being worked on. See this developer-related post in the last few weeks:



If I could vote 10X i would! ehhe