Board View for 'My Tasks'

This would be very useful. Considering that most competitors have it from the get go.

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Moving to “MicroSoft planner” for my personal tasks.
Will NOT be recommending Asana to anyone else. just because the issue of “No board view on “My Tasks””, has not been addressed, in any meaning full way, for almost a year.

Correction, in almost three years. And it’s a basic function, that any planner app should have.

If this ever materializes, filtering by recently assigned, today, upcoming, later is essential.

Has anyone considered this alternative feature request? It would be easy to implement and achieve a similar outcome when reviewing individual projects.

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Been discussed for 3 years now… you might agree It’s time to materialize this need!

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New to Asana. Just switched my company to it, and it just seems quite easy to have a board view of My Tasks. And would help tremendously in getting people around here to adopt the software with minimal grievances. Its 2020…time for board view.

And while we are on the topic, list and boards in PROJECTS could be different so why force them to be the same. Kills some of the productivity one could gain by having them be separate. There could be a box to check if you want to mirror your list to boards. But it would be nice to have option of not having them mirror.

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We have started using Asana recently and for us “My tasks” looks like it is probably something that has been around like this from when Asana was started. Wouldn’t it be easy to take all the functionality from a project and make this “My tasks” in stead of having this as a separate special page?

I don’t mean that we should be forced to make a project as our personal board (as we do today to work around this), but that “My tasks” should be upgraded to mirror the functionality and options that already exists in projects.

Hopefully you would upgrade your product by prioritize this in the near future.


Agree, I would like this. I used Sunsama for a while which allowed this, but I disliked using a second tool. I would like Asana to handle this natively.


I’ve just successfully tested creating a rule that triggers on “Assign to person” and executes the action “Add to another Project” - making the task visible in “My Task View” project ad board.

The downside is I have to add this rule to each project where I want it to be active.
The good news is that I can add the rule quickly to each project that is likely to assign tasks to me - and for the rest, I just click “Add to Project” when the task first turns up in my Intray.

I have added rules in “My Task View” to change the progress field in the task in response to changing its lane in the “My Task View” board.
Sadly, while the changed field value does show up in the original board (it is the same task object) - this does not cause the rule in the original project to trigger to move the task to the “In Progress” lane. So the task changes its Progress value, but does not end up in the correct lane.

I completely agree that the fact the feature is missing on My Tasks is a serious limitation, but with this approach I now have a board view of my tasks - which is essential to my actually using Asana.

We’ve had Asana at my organisation for over a year now, and I’ve pretty much ignored it.
It just adds noise to my email, and then gives me either a jumbled list view in My Tasks, or a fragmented board view as I have to visit each project in turn to view the board.
So up to now, I have just gone into Asana once every couple of months to flag tasks as complete.

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Exactly. What is wrong with Asana for not picking up on this very clear need?

Adding my voice to the many who have requested a “board view” for “My Tasks.” Hear us, Asana!

+1 !!!


+1 Please do this @Asana_Administrator