Board View for 'My Tasks'



+500 (please!) The board view is much faster to reference and understand for new users. Kanban boards are meant to visualize a lot of objects in different states at once. You will be doing our brains a solid =)

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well, when are u going to implement this heavily requested feature?


+1 - would be great to have this updated

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Kanban views are essential now in any business. Asana should have it at all levels, and that includes options like:

  • My Tasks
  • Any teams’ tasks
  • All company portfolio
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Please implement this feature it is essential to my business

I thought of this same idea… I think I will try it. If the task is marked complete on its base project, I am hoping it will be marked complete on the “Task Project”

Hello Asana! Any news about that feature from your side? Based on that we will decide whether we will go with you as a team or choose another tool. Having multiple projects managed by one person, but without one Kanban board for everything is a huge gap in your great system :frowning:

I’d love to have this feature. The list view is not very helpful for me, but having it as a board that I can move columns back and forth (inbox, backlog, staged, in progress, needs review, blocked, done) would be exactly what I need.

I looked at Zapier and Unito (and Asana itself) and I don’t see a way to create an account-wide rule of “if task is assigned to me, add to X project” where X project is a board to replace “my tasks”. I’ve been working around this manually by trying to add everything to that board, but it’s pretty annoying to need to do it manually.

Need an update on this asap or we’re churning.

Indeed. This feature would be extremely useful! Thank you Asana

‘My tasks’ without Board feature are useless. Come on Asana, do your thing. People are pretty much begging you since two years. :frowning:

I did make a work-around to get what would be on My Tasks into a board view… I created a project called “My Tasks Board View” and added specific tasks I want to work on currently across all projects. You can either assign the task to yourself (to make My Tasks like normal) or add to the new Project board view (or you can do both). The advantage of having a task on the My Tasks Board view project, is that when you check it completed, it disappears from the board as well as the project it belongs to. So, each task would reside under the original Project (i.e. Remodel conference room) and the My Task board view (Measure conference room) when you want to have it more prominently visible (current tasks).
This isn’t an additional step, it would be instead of “assigning” the tasks to yourself.
Also, Since you now have a board view, you can change the column (section) headings to be “Do First”, “Next in Line” and “Sometime”. The task can be easily slid into whichever column you choose. You can also switch to list view with the same section headings displayed.
Keep in mind, I only apply the tasks I want to work on currently to the My Tasks Board View project. I hope this helps someone. I can also show screenshots if needed.

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The lack of this feature literally stops our company using my tasks at all. We all have personal projects, it’s such a clunky unsatisfactory workaround.

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We are doing the same thing. Creating another My Task that is a board view. It is a pain because when we put an assignment in another project, we have to remember to tag it to the person’s Board view project.



Was looking for exactly this. Thanks for the workaround! I created a one person team of ME and created the “My Tasks Board” project. Great idea.

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Would love to see this feature implemented! The ‘list’ view for personal tasks doesn’t suffice

Please implement, would be highly appreciated!