Ability to stay in Board View even after navigating to Home, Inbox, other projects

I would like to request the option to have Board View stay in place I move between projects. Right now, on either Asana web or mobile, I have Board view selected on a specific project, but if I click away to Home, Inbox, or My Tasks, when I go back to the original project, it’s immediately defaulted back to List view and I have to switch it back every single time. This makes interlinking between tasks and projects a big pain, because it resets the view every time you want to jump back and forth.

This is slightly similar to the issue raised in this task, but I’m seeing the behavior reflected on web and not just mobile. Having it set to board view doesn’t prevent the default to list view after moving away to another project or page and back.

I’m thrilled to see the upcoming release for Board View with My Tasks, so I’m hopeful we can have more flexibility with keeping our selected view for our project or tab the default.
Thanks for considering!

Welcome, @Casey_Maxwell,

Are you doing Save layout as default?:

That will lock in your current project settings including Board view.

Also, those links you included are 1.5 years old; Board view is currently available in My Tasks.

Hope that helps,