Additional and customizable Asana celebrations

I don’t think it fits at all in a professional context - stop trying to be Discord.

People are different, there will never be a one-fits-everybody.
Whoever wants to use such feature can do so and if you feel you do not need this that is ok also :slight_smile:
I‘d say the more features the better as then everybody can pick those that fit them best and help them stay productive and efficient.

I guess some people don’t like dogs and cats :man_shrugging:

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Another +1 from my team for more consistent celebrations

I am only able to see celebrations if I mark a task complete on my phone. My settings are set to see celebrations but I get to see NOTHING, not 1 when I complete a task on my desktop. I use Asana on my browser and I’ve used Asana the desktop download and neither gives me celebrations to see. The little things that matter and THIS matters. Please help me enable these celebrations so I can go back to enjoying my day at work lol.

Hello, can we change the animal we see?

@Kate1 What ever happened to the TAB-E Hack? Could we get that back?

Any chance you meant Tab+B?


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YES! lol Thank you!

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They’re both pronounced “tabby!”

In fairness to doggies there’s also Tab+V, and I’ll mention Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) too:

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I just wanted to say, “Thank you for creating the Asana celebrations!” It absolutely makes my day when I get them for completing a task. My only feedback, is keep them coming as they are EPIC! I am really enjoying Asana and it works absolutely beautifully for what I need. The celebrations are the cherry on top! :sparkling_heart: Again, thank you!


LOVE this, it makes me want to complete a task more so I can see the celebrations. I wish it would happen every time, even if its just a small one :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum, @Nell_Ho! Thanks for weighing in on this feature request. :+1:

I love the celebrations! they’re fun and actually make my team use Asana more than any other software :slight_smile: I’d love if they showed up with each task completion, but understand why they don’t

I haven’t had any Celebrations for over a year. All the settings are turned on correctly, even Extra Delight. I’ve turned them off and on several times to no avail. We contacted Asana last year about this and the celebrations can back for a day and then were gone for good. I normally would just go on with life, but now I’m seeing commercials about Asana highlighting the Celebrations! And now I’m jealous!
Does anyone know how to fix this?

The celebrations are delightful and increase my satisfaction in completing tasks. Thank you so much for adding a bit of joy and fun into task management :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What is the macshortkey?

@anon47765514, On Mac it’s the same Tab+B and Tab+V, and the Asana2Go shortcut is already indicated (and now shown on the Asana2Go popup window.


yay our team of 20 at an arts organization love using Asana.

We get a real kick out of the appreciations and use them all the time but there are so few and after years they are no longer so fun. Is there a way to get new apprecations? or a plan to introduce more ?

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