Additional and customizable Asana celebrations

I have missed seeing my Asana Celebbration - Extra Delight. In fact I realized it has been months since I have seen it. I just did check my settings and it is on. Please send more my way. They make us smile here in the office. Thanks!

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This rainbow things only reminds me with aggressive lgbt agenda. Why no styles like rocket launch, firing cannon, airplane take off etc. I like idea but got bored with rainbows everywhere. Also this do not change productivity at all :wink:

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-you can’t put your own avatar on each user or indicate your name or role to the user, because of this you always need to keep in mind the last name instead of the position when you select a person in the list
-When you invite to a project, there is no drop-down to select an artist, but you need to select via @, which is inconvenient
-In the project, you can open attached files, but you can not select attached links, inconvenient

It would be great if you change these moments

I get depressed when I don’t get the celebration. Especially when it is several times in a row, and they were long tasks that i was completing… Please give the option to have it set for every time!

I would like a way to completely turn the Delight notifications off for myself alone.

I agree that customization is the best route. The Rainbows only promote an already aggressive agenda that only some agree with. Especially in a large company, you will find people from all walks of life, and constantly being fed an agenda in your daily work life can be reassuring to some and downright irritating to others. I have had complaints internally and may have to move to another Project Management software if this is not resolved.

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You can do so in your profile settings under “Hacks”

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Since turning on the ‘Extra Delight’ hack, I appear to have no celebrations anymore. I still have the ‘Show occasional celebrations upon task completion’ checkbox selected.

i want a celebrations for movies

i want celebration from movies

300 , friends , gladiator

i thing that the big good ideas

The celebration (now extra celebrations) feature is actually why I chose Asana over other options! The ability to choose the design of the celebration would be super cool but not a deal breaker. :slight_smile:

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