Additional and customizable Asana celebrations

I used to get celebrations in the My Tasks screen and now I seem to only get them if I check off a task within the project…bummer! My Tasks is my favorite view, and I NEED my celebrations! Frequently and often! Would love to see them more frequently! Please bring them back to the My Tasks screen. Thanks!

I want a unicorn or something like that to appear every time I do a task, not occasionally. It’s the reason why I’m using this app

I have exactly the same! And I really miss the unicorns… My colleagues do get unicorns from their My Tasks screen. So maybe it’s a setting I need to adjust? Help!

As and adhd person using Asana to keep trck and actually getting stuff done, the rush I get by checking off tasks makes me want to do more and mooore pls have an option to keeo them foreverrrr

I would get behind this more if sloths were used for tasks which are currently, or was very, overdue.

Slooooowwwww moving tasks get sloths. How would we make that happen?!

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I haven’t seen celebrations in months and it is checked. They always brought a smile - and work is stressful - it would be nice to see the a bit more often.