Extra Delight - New Asana Hack?

Hey Asana users! We all know how much fun it is to see a celebration shoot across the screen when we complete a task (#UnicornsForever) but I just came across a new Hack in Asana called Extra Delight. I activated it yesterday out of sheer curiosity and found its name is fitting! I “hearted” a comment made on a task and enjoyed the Extra Delight of hearts bursting out of the icon where I clicked. Not sure what else this feature does but will see in the coming days. 

If you’d like some Extra Delight…
• Click your profile pic/initials top right corner of Asana
• Go to My Profile Settings
• Click Hacks top right corner of pop up box
• Select Extra Delight
• Click Reload to Apply Changes at the bottom of the pop up box
• Heart a task comment
• Get Extra Delight


Such a delightful hack. Makes work a little more fun. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


I feel a little silly, but I live for these things. So much time spent staring at my screen, stressing over stuff… the backgrounds with moving parts and celebrations are really welcome.


Hey, cool. Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile:

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We’ve been having a lot of fun with this hack as well. Has anyone else seen the unicorn that shoots across the screen?


I’ve been using Asana for 2 years now and have always loved the unicorn. However, I’m suddenly not able to see them. I have Extra Delights enabled and can see the hearts, but no unicorns. :frowning:

@Natasha_Collier Oh no! Unicorns are essential. :blush: It looks like you might need to reset the extra delight hack. I suggest that you switch it on and off again to see if that will work for you. I just did the same thing, actually.

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