Ability to see Asana Animal Celebrations when completing every task

I, as well as most Asana users, would like to see a fun cartoon animal after every task completed. Currently it’s random if you are awarded an animal. Some tasks deserve cartoon animals more than others. Can we please have the option to change the setting so the animal can be congratulating us on completing our tasks every time?

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As someone who needs more motivation to use it, and has larger more infrequent tasks, I too would love to see cute unicorn animations. I’m not afraid to picket your office in a unicorn mask,

This is sort of related, but have you tried Tab+B and Tab+V when you’re in Asana? :grin:


Hi Mike! I am attempting to do this but I’m not seeing anything. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong hahah! Does this trick work on a Mac in the Asana App? :slight_smile:

Yes it should! I am using on a Mac in the Asana app. I should have been more clear and said Tab B and Tab V not Tab+B and Tab+V

Whoa there friend!

Just for some good background, here is a great article on the Asana Creatures:
This gives some more detail about the different characters and when they will appear.

I may, or may not, create additional not completely necessary tasks just to get more celebratory creatures… (don’t judge.) :laughing: :shushing_face: :unicorn:

@Allison_Schurr (and @Mike_Tammaro),

In order for Tab+B and Tab+V to work, you first have to go to profile image > My Settings > Hacks and turn on the Extra Delight toggle:

You were not doing anything wrong! (Just only had half the story.)



Oh my goodness thank you so much! This made my day. I will be doing this after every completed task. Thank you for the guidance!! :smiley:


I know this thread is several months old, but I wanted to add another perspective and argument for giving the option for the celebrations on every completed task. I understand the research on variable ratio schedules for rewards, but I’m starting to think that only works for neurotypical brains. Those of us with ADHD can really use the dopamine boost every time we complete a task. I’m trying out Asana and think about switching to it from another app, but the other app gives me a celebration for every completed task, and it really does give me a boost every time.

So, in the interest of neurodiversity, please consider giving the option to celebrate randomly or every time. :smile:

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