Asana’s celebration creatures got a glow up ✨

Hi Asana community,

Today, we are so excited to announce our celebration creatures and appreciations got refreshed! Please allow us to reintroduce the team:

  • :unicorn: Unicorn: The leader and dreamer. Serious about celebration. Adventurer.
  • :otter: Otter: Very competitive. High EQ and IQ. Likes seeing work flow.
  • :ocean: Narwhal: Makes a splash. Always keeps it real. Ships results.
  • :ice_cube: Yeti: Cold at first, but sweet. Enjoys the outdoors. Hides behind completed tasks.
  • :fire: Phoenix: Not scared of a little heat. The ultimate planner. Action-oriented.

With the refresh of celebration creatures came the opportunity to reevaluate our appreciation stickers! We are launching additional ways to appreciate others within Asana:


We want to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to our Asana Ambassadors as they gave us amazing ideas for our new appreciations. We are happy to share that the new rainbow, bouquet of flowers and unicorn high five appreciations came from community-driven ideas! :heart:

We also would love to know what is your favorite celebration creature and why. Comment below to let us know! 5 lucky commenters will receive a special ‘celebrate and appreciate’ gift from Asana :gift:

If you are curious about the reason behind this change and how our celebration creatures had evolved in time, have a look at this blog article written by Asana’s Creative Director, Nick Levesque!

We hope you love our new celebration creatures as much as we do! Let us know if you have any questions!

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Will see how the team uses this.
It would be great to have an appreciation marketplace where the community/Org could add an upvote…


I really love the otter!


The Celebration Yeti is my favorite. I too enjoy the outdoors and prefer “behind the scenes”. :slight_smile:


I literally didn’t send kudos to someone today because the celebration creatures are horrible. They’re way less fun and not visually appealing. Please continue the evolution asap. Not a fan of this style at all.

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The otter all the way! Reminds me of Lylla from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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My favorites are the otter :otter: and the phoenix


Sad to say but I really am not a fan of this update and actually dislike these new creatures so much I dont know that I want to send them. The prior 2D celebration creatures were a lot more appealing visually, fun and cute and i enjoyed the animation. The new 3D version feels cold and like were going back to Windows 95 a little bit ): Noticed screen animations for completed tasks went this direction too. :frowning_face:

Also disappointed to see that all old postings of celebration creatures were replaced with the updated versions so old status update comments, etc. are completely wiped of the old cute ones.

Hope the team continues to iterate on these. I know Asana is evolving to a new look and feel but the charm of the older creatures was part of what made Asana unique to me.


Unless Asana is going for a full brand revamp, I really do not see the reason to replace the old celebrations with the new ones. Would make more sense to appeal to both the people that like them and the ones that don’t by adding them as an option.


My fav used to be the narwhal, not loving the new one. But do love the new Yeti. Very cool.


Otters always bring joy, but I do miss the blobfish.


I love the otter!! But do miss the disco dance celebration!


Aww I miss the Narwhal celebration. My colleague always used that for us and I was surprised to not see it anymore, but a different one. Feels wrong now :frowning: it kind of became her trademark :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately not really a fan of the new ones. Only the unicorn still gives off that happy feeling vibe, which is really nice, but I don’t really like using unicorns haha.


Thanks all for sharing your feedback with us! I have made a note to our product team so they can consider your suggestions in future updates.

@Bastien_Siebman @Jess_Rains @Jaycee @Andrea_Mayer @Heather_Stubbings you will receive a special ‘celebrate and appreciate’ gift from us soon :heart: :tada:


It’s GOT to be high fiving a unicorn as #1!

The otter is adorable! :heart_eyes:

I totally agree with you @Colette_Larson !

All new ‘celebrations’ are cool and cute… I really love them all! But the Disco dancers are missing, wish they come back at some point :grin:

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Our staff misses the old ones. I’m curious why the new ones weren’t done as “add ons” vs. replacements?

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If your product team has time to add new celebration stickers that replaced the ones that were beloved, then let’s get to work on some of the long time feature requests - including bringing back the old celebration stickers, allowing custom icon uploads, allowing a color swatch selector for project colors, CSV edit/import/export function, time tracking connectivity with Harvest and Forecast tools you own, having recurring subtasks properly set to the next date with the parent task, removing message features…to name the most basic few.

@Megan_Gill in your todo list you always only do the most important top priority things? You never do anything else, secondary but fun tasks to get some fresh air from your daily work?