Ability to launch OneNote notebook link in desktop app directly?

It appears the Asana link functionality will not allow a link in task description that starts with onenote: instead of https:, which would allow the direct opening of a OneNote notebook in the desktop app, instead of having to open the notebook in a browser and then click on the option within the browser version to open in the desktop app. The Asana link functionality prefixes any url with http and doesn’t appear to allow editing otherwise. The default prefixing is convenient, but allowing editing so a link beginning with onenote: would be an appreciated convenience.

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I’m afraid Asana is unwilling to support this based on a previous reply here:



Hmmm, how does the security very high level statement at the link provided address this exactly? Perhaps no matter if the Asana response is “we’re not doing this” regardless, but the explanation and link certainly don’t seem to address the ask in any substantive fashion.


I’m afraid that’s the only information I found; perhaps someone from Asana will reply.

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No worries, appreciate the research, reference, and guidance on upvoting, thank you Larry!

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