Links to OneNote Pages

Hi. I would love to be able to paste a link to my OneNote pages into Asana. Currently, I am having difficulty figuring out how to do that. Am I missing something, or are there workarounds?? This seems like a pretty minor thing, but it is not working. If I can’t figure out something for this, I will likely recommend that my team stop using Asana for task tracking.


I agree. This would be great!

Did anyone figure this out? Also looking to link onenote pages from an Asana task. Thanks!

When you copy a link to a page in OneNote it comes with some extra code; paste that into a generic text editor and just copy and past the address into Asana. It puts a big ugly hyperlink in there but it works

This is not really solved, because if you delete “the extra code” then the onenote page is not opened in OneNote app but in the web version instead. Which if you use these link regularly is very annoying.

The solution would be if Asana added support for link like this: onenote:

Which would be awesome. It’s the only feature I’m missing in Asana

Supporting the links like “onenote:https://…” would be great.

In the meantime, the solution I’m using is pasting the whole “onenote:https://…” URL into Asana. When I need to open it, I copy/paste it into the address box of Chrome. Then Chrome recognizes it has to open Asana, and it works well. Too many steps, but at least it opens the link in the One Note App

To remove a few keystrokes/clicks, is there a way to paste the “onenote:https://…” text without Asana automatically converting into a link? This way I would be able to select it and right-click on it to “Search Google for …” .

I would also LOVE the ability to put the desktop app links into Asana. They don’t work b/c it forces a “https://” prepend if that isn’t already part of the link, which breaks it.