make Evernote links open in app, not browser?

MacOS/iOS user here. Using Asana via the web — either in a browser such as Safari or Chrome, or in an app such as Appsana — any links to Evernote notes open at, not in the Evernote MacOS app. (Using Asana on iOS, Evernote links open in the iOS app as expected.) This is not only inconvenient (Evernote:web is inferior to Evernote:app), it also creates duplicates of the notes. Is there a way to make Asana open Evernote links in the MacOS app instead of the browser? Is there a way to format Evernote links in Asana (e.g. replace… with something) so that they open in the app? Thank you.

How are you getting the Evernote note link? If you right-click a note in Evernote Mac and select “Copy Note Link”, you’ll get what Evernote calls an “in-app link” which will open in the Evernote Mac app.

Thanks, Phil, that is what we have been doing, but we do not get an in-app link; we get a "…” URL that opens in the browser. (Same result if we right-click and select “Copy Shareable Link” in Evernote.) Do you get a different result? Is there a different way to create a true in-app link from Evernote? (I know, this isn’t an EN forum.)

Yes, I get a different result - it opens in Evernote Mac. I believe it’s a function of an cookie - it controls whether note links open in the app or the browser. Try clearing your cookies in your browser (and restarting the browser).

I should also add for completness sake: it’s also possible to create what Evernote calls a “Classic Note Link” by holding down the Option key while displaying a note’s context menu in Evernote Mac - that creates a link starting with evernote:// - but that won’t do you any good because it’s not recognized as a hyperlink when put into Asana.

(Yeah, this is pretty off-track for Asana; I going to move it to Integrations.)

Phil, thanks. My Evernote refuses to produce in-app links, only URLs. This is an Evernote issue and not an Asana one, so I’ll light up the discussion board over there. Closed.

OK, but just to be clear: links like "…” ARE the correct in-app links that you want - those are the links that are opening in my Evernote Mac app. So you’re getting the right type of link - the issue IMO is in your browser cookies which is what Evernote uses to decide whether to open those links in the browser or the app.

But I agree, it’s best for a discussion on the Evernote forum.

I finally found how to make this work - and the solution was simple, but NOT intuitive!

I wrote about it on the Evernote Windows Forum -See: SOLVED -Online Links-to-Notes Open in EN-for-Windows

In essence… the trick is to generate the link off the Web, for the Web , or in other words you need to go to EN-Web to generate the Note-link, not EN-Desktop!

Any type of link-to-note created on EN-desktop…simply fails. Read the EN post for full info…cheers