Creating Tasks with Clickable Evernote App Links

Maybe this is not possible, but figured I’d ask after searching the related, but outdated posts.

Evernote links that open the app on a device instead of in-browser have the format “evernote:///view/12345678”. Putting this in to HTML of a task description as below causes a can’t parse xml, can’t save task error with the Asana API.

<a href=\"evernote:///view/12345/\">Open In App</a>

We have been able to do this successfully with Microsoft ToDo and Todoist so far and wondering if it’s possible to get a clickable in-app note link for Evernote with a task description and if so how via the API.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Troy_Christmas,

Unfortunately it won’t work in Asana.

FYI for general reference in creating links, you’d need to follow the guidelines in the API docs under Writing Rich Text > Links. You can’t just put a normal <a> HTML tag as Asana’s rich text is not regular HTML.

That being said, even if you can get it to save, Asana prefixes all links with https:// so your link would end up as https://evernote://view/12345 which is obviously not want you want and won’t work properly.

On my Mac, I use a little app called ‘PopClip’ that allows clicking on a text string and treating it like a hyperlink. I created an Asana custom field for storing EN App links. I use PopClip to click on Evernote App Links in Asana, which takes me directly to the note in Evernote.

It’s not ideal, because PopClip is a Mac app, not available on windows. But it works for me.