Ability to add sub-sections

Please add this feature! It is limiting to me (seems like to others as well) otherwise.

I assume that making this change is something fundamental and is hard to do without causing other issues. I say that because it just seems like a basic aspect of any project management tool. Also, you seem to push out so many other features but just skip over this.

It’s like giving me a fantastic meal but never providing just the basics to enjoy it like a fork to eat it with. Just using my hands at the moment and not really that enjoyable.

Please give me a fork!


Any update from Asana on this?


Nope nothing new!

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Please do add this !
This is the kind of feature that are mandatory for a gantt planning for us.
The lack of the feature really makes the work tideous. I am moving to another platform until the feature is implemented…

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We also use this, but if you have 100+ tasks it takes ages to re-sort if needed.
Otherwise I think you are right - never going to happen, at least in our lifetime :slight_smile:

Hi, everyone.

I really also need “subsection function” .
Today I joined a Japanese local webinar organized by @Kenichi .
at the webinar a speaker introduce us his task list.
some tasks in the list was indented to express its structure of subsections.

I’m inspired by it below;

if asana has indent-level option for sections, we can express sub ,sub-sub, sub-sub… section within asana’s policy or its data model, I believe.
I want tasks in indented sections to inherit the indent level of indent section which tasks belong to.
the option above can also avoid no presentations in timeline because tasks in indented section are not subtasks.

How about this idea?



Please add this feature… I was thinking of using Asana or Wrike, I really like Asana but, the sidebar and the folder structure of Wrike is easy to follow. I think the addition of subsections or folder would help to de-clutter the sidebar and make it easier for teams and overview managers to know where projects and tasks are at, at a glance. It’s not good enough if you don’t have any correlation of tasks that impact multiple departments… Please implement a folder structure and subsections in your feature update.


Hey Larry. I googled sub-sections after you showed me this the other day and, wha-la its Larry! Hey I have the discussed item turned off in the Sort. Tab N still creates a new section, not a sub. What am I missing?

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Also, a screen snip would be really helpful to see the “two levels: 1) group, 2) section”.

Thanks @lpb

Video of my workflow @lpb

Vidyard Recording?

Hi @Josh_Nelson!

Before you do Tab+N, first click into the Description field in the Task Detail pane (or anywhere else in that pane). If the keyboard focus is there, the shortcut creates a sub-section in the detail pane. If the keyboard focus is in the list pane, the shortcut creates a Section in that pane.


Ah, got it. Another vid for what I’m trying to accomplish is below

Vidyard Recording?

Thanks, @lpb


There’s only one hierarchy level of Section, not two, available in the list pane as you have seen.

Your workaround is one alternative approach.

Also, when you use Sections, and have a dropdown custom field, and you sort on that custom field, and you toggle on sort within sections, you’ll see two levels of grouping hierarchy. But I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for.

You may need to review Sorting by Custom Fields.


Understood. Looked at sorting, but the sort variables are Columns.

I’ll roll with the subtasking example in my last video since there is only one hierarchy level available in Sections. (I’m pinging Dustin on this, gosh darn it… : ) )

Appreciate your time and expertise here @lpb

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Is there a way to create sub-sections?
by example:

Section 1: Project Preparation
Section 1.1: People
Task 1.1.1: IT training
Task 1.1.2: Finance processes training

Section 2: Execution
Section 2.1: Infrastructure
Task 2.1.1: HW purchase & installation

Section 2.2: Software
Task 2.2.1: SW installation & configuration

Thanks for your answers and recommendations

Yes, see 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds and W13.1 :slight_smile:

Hi @Carlos_Orozco, great question! As it stands, there is no “Subsection” button as there is for Sections however, you can take a look at the 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds post by @Bastien_Siebman to achieve this! :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if we implement an Subsection option in Asana! :slight_smile:

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I really need subsections as well… please add!

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I agree with Freya. This feature is very usable and constructive, when planning huge and complex projects! We need it in our organization too, sooner than later…


This is very helpful for complex tasks, please add this soon.

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