Why I need to connect Goals to Tasks (and not just Projects).

I’ve got my nose pressed to the glass on this Goals feature. I’ve created a “Campaigns” Project for my marketing team that allows us to see everything on one timeline, and calculate our annual budget with a custom field for campaign costs. It’s brilliant! Each campaign is a Task, with Subtasks beneath for all the creative needs. I really want to use Goals to track progress in our department, but I can’t because Goals can only be linked, at present, to Portfolios and Projects. If I converted each of my campaigns into a Project, I’d lose the valuable ability to plan them all out.

Please, please add the ability to link Tasks to Goals!

@Jen_Ambrose welcome to the forum! If you were to make campaigns projects you could add it to a Campaign portfolio and retain the Custom Fields and Timeline use. The subtasks would then just be tasks within each project.

Can you elaborate more on this? I’m interested to learn what couldn’t be planned with this altered approach.

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Hi Jerrod, thanks for the response! Perhaps I haven’t played around enough since we got our system working so well. Can a portfolio calculate the sum of numbers in a cost field, with subtotals by section? Can an entire project have a simple start and end date, that doesn’t factor in task deadlines, for annual planning? If you get to exploring that before me, I’m curious. Maybe I missed something?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the Portfolio level yet. You can upvote the feature here: Showing sum of project's numeric field (costs etc.) in Portfolios

Yes, the start/end date of a project, as seen from the portfolio view, is independent of the task deadlines within the project itself.

Thanks for the link. How do you set start and end dates for a project that are independent of it’s tasks?