Adding tasks and sections to Goals

Ive recently upgraded to Asana for Business to make use of the Goals Functionality which is great. However I’d love to be able to add tasks and sections to the Goals. (Not Sub-goals, but rather tasks that can be seen in “my tasks” little steps that can be done to move the goal forward).

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This is exactly what discourages us from using this feature. But the evolution of the goals is recently quite nice, so I hope that Asana team add in the future some feature to implement tasks as a part of particular goal or sub-goal.

@Shira_Grinshtein - that’s what the now named “References” are. While not at the task level, references are linked projects or portfolios that help make sure the goals move forward. Our rule of thumb is - if there is a goal with no projects supporting it, we have a problem and aren’t going to achieve the goal.

The projects have the task-level steps that overall help us make progress.

Thanks @Laura_Johnson1 I appreciate that, and am currently using it that way. However there are some smaller Goals that perhaps don’t require an entire project (with tasks, subtasks, milestones etc) and it would be nice to have the option of just adding some tasks within the Goals itself.