When are all the paid Asana features for the Pro level going to be available on App?

When I’m working in tasks on my app, the following features from my Asana paid version are not available still:

  1. Duplicate task
  2. Mark as dependent on
  3. Print
  4. Create Follow Up task
  5. Advanced Actions – Make a sub-task of
  6. Advanced Actions – Convert to Project
  7. Advanced Actions – Merge Duplicate Tasks

What date will these features of my paid Asana be available in the app so my team can use these features while working mobile in our Asana from our phones as a team, and our iPad / tablets?

We’ve been paying for our team use of Asana for a year now, or over a year – and, these features are still not accessible in our app so our team can access all the features we’ve been paying for to work efficiently as a team from every device.

It’s really inefficient when I’m traveling for business or working mobile, and I have to either put work off until I get back to my desk at my office, or have to call my team to make duplicates of tasks for me, so I can keep working as the CEO of the company mobilely. How is this feasible from a company whose entire p[roduct and platform is centered around servicing fully mobile / online business teams?

You should be making sure ALL paid Asana features work in BOTH the app and the dekstop versions, IMO, before putting more time and money into developing new features. When we pay for the paid version, I’m assuming as the customer that ALL the features I paid for are included in the app / mobile version as well so that all the functions I’m upgrading for can be used on both a desktop and tablet, and even phone, to keep workflow efficient irrespective of location.

Hi @Heather_Dube and thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

We completely aware that many of our users rely on the mobile app to get work done on while traveling; although some feature you’ve listed aren’t available yet, our mobile app has dramatically improved over the last few months (have a look at our Release Notes if you’re interested in learning more), and we’re planning to continue developing our resources to make sure our mobile app can consistently catch up with the web offer. Unfortunately, developing on mobile is a lot more challenging due to many formats constraints, so it can sometimes take a little longer for new feature to land in mobile! Our mobile apps are also a lot younger than the web version, which explain why they’re a little bit behind but rest ensured that both our Android and iOS team are working hard to catch up with the web team.

On another note, we have a bunch of existing thread supporting the features you’d like to see implemented in Mobile, so if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend adding your vote to the following threads: