Missing features for Mobile

I mostly use Asana from my phone as im mostly at job sites / clients homes, not an office.
I noticed some features missing that i think are important.

  1. Add cover image (from mobile app)… You have this on the desktop app but not on the mobile app. This is very important, as i use the image to remember the job site/location.

  2. Pop-up reminders. When you set a due date, the you need to look the app for due dates. I want a feature like iphone reminders where you can have a popup / notification. You should have an option to set when the reminder goes off, so you can set it say a day in advance.

  3. Copy task… I noticed that you cannot copy tasks from your phone app. I use something called templates, where i make a blanket task with a sub-task structure and copy to create a new task with a predefined structure.

(also, please remind dev group that mobile is becoming much more important than desktop. You guys are assuming that people use Asana from an office. However a lot of companies/industries use Asana to collect images and info from the field/job sites. Some dont even use the desktop app, or even have an office. So the mobile app is critical if not more important than the desktop app for them!

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback, @sales2! To ensure this feedback is more discoverable for our other Community members and easier to vote on, we would suggest creating a separate thread for each point.

We do have some existing feedback threads for some of your points above. I’ve linked them below so you can go ahead and add your vote! :slight_smile:

For the other points mentioned, it would be great if you could create separate threads for each piece of feedback! Thank you!

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